Supplies you Need for Your Pet Chinchilla – Chinchilla Cages

Image Credits: vociferous

Chinchillas are adorable pets. These furry creatures are cuddly and perky. If you haven’t seen one, chinchillas appear similar to park squirrels and they also come in different colors. They are great house pets, but not really recommended for children under 7 years. Chinchillas are fragile and small. Since children have this mishandling tendency, they might squeeze the animal too tight. These creatures tend to bite hard when they are harmed.

Caring for chinchilla is relatively easy. They have lush fur coating which requires little maintenance. They’re also not heavy shedders, so you don’t need to worry about excessive fur balls at home. Though they have this boisterous and inquisitive nature, these creatures do not make a lot of noise. Noisy pets can sometimes be annoying, especially if you are bone tired from work and just want to have a good sleep.

As part of chinchilla handling, you also need to provide them with a good cage. At the beginning, you can use as a cage a makeshift pen made from an ABS pan plastic. Collapsible dog crates goes with these plastic pan. Anyway it is definitely convenient to buy chinchilla cages instead.

Chinchilla cages should have galvanized coating. These pets love to chew and they have the urge to chew on everything including cages. Powder coated metals are also good since they are pet friendly. There are also China-made cages that are coated with lead paint which may be toxic for them, so you need to avoid these. The cages should be spacious since chinchillas love to frolic. The cage floor should also be solid and not made of wire. Wire flooring can cause them discomfort. This is also the cause of chinchilla feet ailments.

Chinchilla cages should be cleaned every 2 days to keep them perfectly safe and healthy. Sprinkling baking soda can help in cleaning dropping stains and smell removal. You should also avoid using strong chemicals when cleaning the cage as this may irritate these creatures. The cage should also be placed in conditioned rooms. Heat is not recommended especially for their thick fur coating.

Aside from a quality chinchilla cage, you should also have other chinchilla supplies such as water bottle with a sipper tube and food container.  Corncob bedding or pine shaving is also necessary to warm them up. Avoid cedar chips for the reason that contain chemical elements. Activity wheel is also important because chinchillas need to have a regular dose of exercise. Since they love to chew, chinchilla cages should also have chewing blocks such as rock maple, pine, beech and fruit woods. You may also want to include a hay rack since these creatures love to eat hay as well.

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